The Bali Mystery

Rick and Amelia 2When Mrs. Brody hires Amelia and Rick to find her missing brother, they find themselves in Bali, Indonesia. They are mystified why her brother quit his job, put his home up for sale, and ran off to this mysterious and exotic island without telling a soul.

“This is a cozy mystery, but there is also suspense, danger and, of course, romance. Throw in two mysterious men in black – complete with black suits and sunglasses and you have all the makings of an exciting novel.” —Library of Clean Reads

“Bali, the island of the gods!” When Amelia and Rick arrive at Bali Island, they see some pretty amazing things. Here are a few places they got to visit.

temple-in-Bali-IndonesiaA BALINESE TEMPLE

Bali rice fieldsRICE PADDIES



BaliVisit Bali Island and find out why Mrs. Brody’s brother disappeared mysteriously. Will you be able to figure out the mystery of this case?

Here’s a bit of trivia: The island of Bali is known as one of the most romantic and affordable places to visit.

The Balinese are a religious people. They pray with their families daily and visit their temples weekly, giving thanks to God.

Another interesting fact… Indonesian law requires that everyone hold an identity card. Included on the card is the person’s faith or religion.

Indonesia does recognize Christianity but does not recognize atheism. By the way, blasphemy is illegal in Bali and in any of the Indonesian islands. You can also be arrested for profanity.

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